We know not everyone is as tech-savvy (that is, nerdy) as we might be. But we also know from experience that this “small business online store” thing doesn’t have to be as terrifyingly overwhelming as it might at first seem. That’s where we come in.

We want to give you, a small business person, a full web design experience with out-of-the-box use. It should be fully created and ready to use. We want to do the difficult part for you, so you can focus on reaching out to your customers and getting your product to them. So that means when we hand over the package to you, you will have a fully-functioning website, email, and e-commerce online store.

Tech Support

This stuff can be difficult. So to not leave you out in the cold, and to help you through that transition process before you are running things solo, we offer a one month tech support package. This includes any issues you might run into using the website, online store, or server.


To supplement this further, we also offer a one-on-one tutorial service to teach you how to use different parts of your website, server, and online store so that you can effectively reach your customers.

These tutorials are for customers who are unfamiliar with any aspect of this process, whether you’re a Computer Science professor at MIT or a person who gets queasy thinking about words like “e-commerce” and “server.”

Since we will be doing these tutorial sessions one-on-one, we are more than able to custom-tailor each session to you, and we will be more than happy to work at your comfort level.